Press Releases Guidelines

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We are a trusted source for news. Our readers expect a high level of quality. We review all press releases to check for mistakes, and other issues that might make you look unprofessional.

All press releases must pertain to a newsworthy event, product, or service. We do not accept releases that are solely for advertising or marketing purposes. The content must offer real value to the reader and be supported by factual information.

All submitted press releases must be completely accurate. We do not verify the information within the releases.

Press release should be unbiased and objective. Refrain from using exclamation points, exaggerations, or “hype” content. Avoid direct callouts which address the reader in a personal manner.

The name of the person or organization submitting the press release must be included in the release, along with a contact phone number and/or email address. Where possible, the addition of a website address is good practise .

Press release with targeted keywords like “free” and “earn money” will be rejected. Blog posts, such as those that contain personal opinion or pertain to general interest topics, do not constitute a press release.

We do not accept press releases that contain ads or spam content. Lightning PR does not accept press releases that contain or link to any sexually explicit or mature content.

We do not distribute content that is malicious, threatening, or violent in any form. We reserve the right to refuse to distribute any releases that may cause harm to an individual or negatively affect the image of a business entity.